Who can get vehicle tax credit?

Transport tax is a fairly controversial fee, which causes discontent among citizens. It has to pay all car owners, and the size depends on the performance of the car.

At the same time, there are citizens who are exempt from paying or can receive significant discounts. The powers to carry taxes are determined by regional authorities, as this fee is carried over to the local budget. Therefore, every person should clarify the possibility of such a relief in the administration of their region.

Legal regulation


The tax must be paid by all drivers, is a regional collection, so all of its characteristics, size, order of payment and the fixed remuneration are regulated by regional authorities.

Chapter 28 of the Tax Code is fully devoted to this tax, and there are several articles here. Art. 356-363 states the maximum amount of this tax and the time in which it should be transferred to the taxpayer.

Tax breaks can only be viewed in local regions. You can indicate that pensioners, large families, the disabled, the poor or other categories of citizens are indulging.

For example, there is a Special Law No. 33 in the capital, which was passed in 2008. On this basis, some citizens have the opportunity to benefit.

Who will not pay transportation tax in 2018?

Who will not pay transportation tax in 2018?

To say exactly who does not pay for it, the collection is simply impossible because it has to take into account the region in which a citizen lives, which population group he belongs to and which laws and laws have been passed in this area of ​​the Federation.

Tax exemptions are granted in most regions:

  • Veterans and disabled veterans;
  • to the heroes of the USSR and the Russian Federation;
  • People with the order of glory, and the degree doesn’t matter;
  • War veterans;
  • People with disabilities who were injured during hostilities;
  • People with disabilities of the first or second group;
  • Retirees, i.e. men should be over 60 and women must be over 55, but retirees working in the Far North have the option to use these benefits in advance.
  • people affected by radiation;
  • large families, but at the same time privilege is granted only to one of the parents;
  • a guardian or parent of a disabled child.

So many citizens can get an exemption from transportation tax. Benefits for large families, pensioners and people with disabilities are only allocated on the basis of certain requirements since the power of the car must not exceed 100 liters. c. If there is a machine whose output is higher than this value, the tax is only paid from this surplus.

Offers benefits

If a person has the right to a transportation tax refund, they should know some important features. This includes:

  • If a person has several cars, the privilege is only assigned to one car.
  • The second WE are taxed according to the general procedure. Therefore, it will not work even if there are several reasons not to pay the tax in full.
  • All owners of cars whose output does not exceed 70 liters are exempt from tax. s. and information about each vehicle can be found directly in the Holy Registration Information.
  • No additional fee is required for people who have officially hijacked the car, but for this, it is necessary to obtain a certificate from the police that an investigation into the location of the car is being carried out

So answering every person, the question of whether he has tax breaks should apply to local government officials to clarify the possibility of exemption.

Which documents are required?

Which documents are required?

If, after studying the regional files, a citizen realizes that they can exercise their right to be accepted or exempted from this collection, they must prepare certain documents. Tax benefits for the transport tax are only granted by the AGVS office at the citizen’s place of residence. Bring documents to this facility:

  • a passport and a copy of all pages containing information about the citizen;
  • TIN;
  • Title on the car;
  • Sv-in on the statement of the car in the account;
  • Confirmation of a person’s fitness for leniency, and if the pension benefits are booked for transportation tax, you will need a pension certificate, but people with disabilities bring a certificate from a medical facility.

Each group of beneficiaries should prepare their own unique documents. If it claims to have a large family, it must have an appropriate date and it will be issued for a year. It is therefore important to ensure that the document is valid so that no transport tax is paid. Benefits for veterans are allocated if they have the appropriate certificate.

When is the fee paid?

Benefits can not only be fully provided an exemption from paying this tax, but also the possibility of using discounts that can reach 50%. In this case, this allowance is already taken into account in the documents.

Receipts must arrive before December 1st, and after reporting it is necessary to transfer funds to the budget by that time. If funds are not received on time, this is the basis for imposing a substantial fine and penalty.

If no notification is received before November, the taxpayer must ensure that they receive the document for which they must contact the AGVS office.

Thus, transportation tax rebates are granted by many citizens who take into account their status, marital status, and financial condition. It is up to the people themselves to prepare them, prepare the required number of documents and prepare the application. The privileges are granted for a limited time. Therefore, they should be renewed regularly, collecting the necessary papers to confirm certain reasons for a state exemption.

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