Business cash loan – what do you need to know?


Nowadays, the number of people who decide to run their own business is still increasing. Self-employment is a great way to not have problems with your boss and not have to account for him in particular activities. That is why for many of us own business is a chance to spread our wings. However, running a business can be difficult. It strongly depends on the industry in which we operate, the market situation, often from the seasons and a whole range of factors on which we usually have no influence or a negligible influence.

There are difficult and dead periods during which we earn much less, but this does not mean lower costs of maintaining the company. So that the stagnation does not lead to financial problems, you should think about the extra cash injection that will help you through hard times. Money is also useful when we are planning further investments, which of course cost. In response to the needs of entrepreneurs, a cash loan for companies appeared on the market. What should we know about him before we ask the bank for a loan?

Cash loan for companies – how to get?

Cash loan for companies - how to get?

Preparation for taking a loan for a business is very important. We must remember that the financial institutions that we ask for money will check whether we are able to give it back. Here are some of the most important conditions that we should meet before we apply for a cash loan for companies:

  • timely payment of contributions and taxes in the Social Insurance Institution and the Tax Office – this is extremely important because most banks will check whether there are any arrears with these institutions. Usually a certificate from at least one of them is required. If we apply for a large amount of credit – the bank may request a document from both ZUS and the Tax Office. However, we do not have to finally cancel the loan plans, even if arrears have arisen, but then we probably will not be able to take advantage of the bank’s offer. We will have to ask for help to loan companies that they can accept.
  • transparent financial documents of the company – if we use accounting services, we will probably not have any problems with it. However, sometimes entrepreneurs decide to keep an income and expense ledger. It is extremely important to do this systematically and truthfully. Creative accounting and deliberate “pulling” of company income just to get a loan can be very risky. First of all, because we will not pay installments and the financial problems will quickly get bigger soon after the false income exists on paper only. Secondly, it is illegal and can have serious consequences for us.
  • limiting the number of applications – we should not submit them to every bank we visit. It is worth collecting information on bank offers and choosing the three that interest us the most. Too many applications submitted may have a negative impact on the Credit Information Bureau report on us.

Have a plan and get funds for its implementation

Have a plan and get funds for its implementation

It is also very important to know what we will use the funds for. If they are necessary to maintain financial liquidity, we should not spend them on unnecessary expenses. They will help us to survive the dead period without harming the company’s financial health. If we need a cash loan for companies to develop a company, we should carefully plan its purpose before the funds appear on the company’s account. Perhaps it will be employee training, purchase of new equipment and machines, launching investments, or extension of our company profile.

Spending money should be well thought out and well planned. Incorrectly allocated funds will not bring the desired results and make it difficult for us to repay the loan. Before receiving money from a cash loan, we should be prepared to distribute it and determine what financial benefits we can expect from each individual investment. Thanks to this, we will protect ourselves against the wrong allocation of funds and we will be calm in the matter of loan repayment.

Compare holiday loan

January is the month in which most Belgians start planning their summer vacation. Newly recovered from the Christmas and New Year celebration, workers find it high time to look forward to the next rest period. Credit providers try to respond to this sentiment by promoting their holiday loans in January and February. Some banks specifically recommend the formula as a holiday loan, but many lenders stick to the general names: all-purpose loan or personal loan.


Characteristics of a holiday loan

Characteristics of a holiday loan

Holiday loans are in fact personal loans and always have a fixed repayment term. Because the amounts involved are often relatively small ($ 5,000 or less), the term is kept short. As a rule, the credit is repaid within six to twelve months. Of course, a longer period may be chosen, but the idea of ​​paying off for years for a fun journey of 8 to 10 days does not appeal to consumers. The APR on holiday loans is the same at all institutions as on loans for all purposes. To find out where you can borrow the most for a vacation, you can simply compare the loans with all the goals (personal loans) of providers.


Saving versus borrowing for vacation

Saving versus borrowing for vacation

Traditionally we tend to save for a vacation. By putting aside $ 500 to $ 700 every month between January and July, a holiday pot of $ 3000 to $ 4000 can be built up. This is reasonably sufficient to finance a flying holiday with the family to a sunny destination. But saving means that there is little financial scope to book tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, and attractions well in advance. As a result, it is not possible to respond to discounts for early reservations and to promotions that only apply temporarily. “Book your airline ticket within 3 days and receive a 20% discount!”

It may be more advantageous to borrow the $ 3,000 or $ 4,000 in January, and then repay this amount in the next six months. The APR on a short-term holiday loan is around 10%, so that the total costs on a credit of $ 4000 become approximately $ 117. By borrowing the total holiday budget becomes available in advance. With a flash promotion from, for example, an airline, you can respond immediately. Even when booking all-inclusive holidays through travel organizations, the discount with an early payment can add up considerably. By cleverly anticipating such discounts and promotions when planning a vacation, it is possible to ultimately save more than the interest that must be paid on the loan.

Debt sold to collectors: is the bank authorized? What if the debt is sold to the collectors?

Frequently now in the event of default, it turns out that the debt is sold to collectors. In fact, this is a fairly common practice, especially in Russia. Applies indiscriminately to everyone. It is exactly this behavior that causes fear, panic, and apathy among the citizens. Why? Collection agencies are not always legal and human.

You are faced with a task: with all your might, no matter what, to free debt from the debtor. And everything, down to the last cent and even in a very short time. Can you sell the debt to collectors? How legal is that? What awaits you in such a case and how do you deal with this situation? All that further. 

Is there a right?


It is worth starting with the legality of the process. Because if the bank does not act in accordance with the law, you can prove it and, as the saying goes, stay in the black. That means you can protect your rights. This is completely normal.

Sold debt to collectors? The legality of this lawsuit cannot be said exactly. If this is advisable, read the terms of your loan contract carefully. Why? Because all points are prescribed that can worry both the borrower and the lender. Therefore, read the document carefully before signing it.

Often you can see the point right, transferring debt to third parties. This is exactly what the legitimacy of action indicates. Can a bank sell debt collection agencies? In the presence of such a mention – easy. In addition, this type of event is considered legal. If the specified object is not contractually prescribed, it is simply impossible to transfer the debt to someone.



Sorted out more or less by law. What’s next When, for example, are you afraid of a collision with collection agencies? After all, someone suffers from them, but someone doesn’t. At the same time, however, both the first and the second group of people are in debt.

Can you sell the debt to collectors? Easy and legal. Just take a close look at the contract terms. When exactly can I face this problem? There are certainly no algorithms and recommendations.

Ultimately, it depends on the bank. They usually start communicating with collectors after the debtor has already accumulated a decent debt. What? This is already decided by the bank alone. Someone collectors can come after the first month of delay and someone generally doesn’t pay for years and isn’t afraid of anything or anyone.

In principle, often with malicious offenders, start fighting overdue in about 2-3 months. No matter how much was accumulated. Collectors appear much less frequently 3 years after the occurrence of debt. Such cases are perhaps the most legitimate. But unfortunately, they are almost unreal. In practice, the banks only run to collection agencies after the first delay in payment.

Here is the news!

It’s true, not everything is as easy as it seems, at first glance. The main advantage of banks and credit institutions is that the transfer of debt to third parties does not require the borrower’s approval. That said, the news about this event may come as a surprise to you.

Does the bank have the right to sell the debt to collectors? If the contract contains a clause on the transfer of obligations to third parties, this is the case. And legal. Otherwise, your rights will be violated. But in practice, few people care about it. It often turns out that the debtors learn about the resale directly from the debt collection agency. That means the banks act as they see fit. Although it would be worth warning the citizens. And not just for their own sake, but to protect themselves from certain consequences. However, they do not do this on principle but surprise the debtors by communicating with the debt collection companies. 

I will not pay


Bank sold debt to collectors? What to do? Don’t panic to begin with. The mere mention of debt collection agencies often leads to apathy for citizens. Do not do that. Calm down first and try to understand that not everything is as scary as it seems. Despite the fact that the bank has transferred the debt knock-out to third parties, you have your rights. And they can be edited.

First, you are entitled to a new lender requesting all documents confirming the transfer of debt as well as regulatory measures by a company. That means you have to provide proof of the transfer of collection rights.

Until the collectors do this, you cannot legally pay. In reality, such companies usually don’t care about paperwork. So it is likely that the bank and the collectors will act amicably without supporting documents. Just don’t pay in a similar situation. You have the right to do so.



What if the debt was sold to collectors? The second plea is to file claims. This is only relevant if you had this in relation to the bank organization. That means you can complain about the collectors. 

Remember, this behavior is scary for many. After all, debt collection companies are not bank employees at all, in Russia it is a real business that has its own unspoken rules of conduct. Often the usual complaint from the debtor can be a lot of trouble. And all of this is due to the fact that the work of collectors is not always legal. They are also starting to prove the illegality of this business in Russia more and more. So don’t be afraid to complain.

Easier to pay

Is your debt sold to collectors? Some citizens believe that in this situation it is easier and more logical to gather strength and pay off debts. And with everyone. So that everyone is behind you and you can live in peace.

This is basically an option. Especially if you have the option to pay bills. Why? Because only a lack of debt distracts collection agencies from you. In practice, however, this technique is used extremely rarely.

Why? It’s all about the activities of debt collection companies. Most of the time, debtors either have no real way to pay for one reason or another or simply want to protect themselves. At the same time, the collectors knock out money with all their might and violate their rights. Then why do you have to pay? How can you be in this situation? 

Is the camera with you?


Is your debt sold to collectors? How should I be now Generally it’s up to you. In practice, however, debt collection agencies often act illegally to intimidate the debtor and clear his debt. Regardless of his life situation. This is wrong and illegal. You have to protect yourself.

Therefore, always carry a video/photo camera with you and a dictation machine. And generally, anything that can prove a violation of your rights. The main activity of collectors in debt collection is nothing more than damage to the property of others. Try to record all such violations and also provide witnesses. You never know you will need it.

The main thing – do not pay the bills immediately. If you break the law, you cannot pay. Instead, the remaining complaint is “where should” to assert their own rights. This practice was not as common a few years ago, but such events have been occurring more and more recently. 

Tax credit for an apartment

When buying a home, the tax deduction for an apartment is based. It consists of several parts, but is always available and amounts to a significant amount. In order to work properly with this aspect, you need to get to know its functions.

What is the tax deduction?


There are three components that make up the tax deduction for an apartment:

  1. For the new construction or purchase of a finished building object of the Russian Federation or a certain portion of land.
  2. For the repayment of interest on loans taken out in organizations of the Russian Federation or by private entrepreneurs.
  3. Reduce interest on loans taken out with banks when the amount is building or buying a finished part of the home

The amount of the tax deduction


Maximum tax deduction for an apartment amount you can get when you buy an apartment worth 2 million USD. If the total amount of the purchase is higher, the tax deduction is still calculated from 2,000,000 USD. The largest deduction amount can be applied to an acquired property and to its group.

When to buy your own home When a loan is taken out, the tax deduction for an apartment is calculated from the maximum amount of 3 million USD. This amount is not used to cover the costs associated with buying an apartment, but rather to pay the loan taken out. Tax deduction restrictions apply to loans drawn after January 1, 2014.

If a person who is a taxpayer has not received all payments in full, they can receive the balance at the beginning of the next tax period.

Expenses when calculating the tax deduction


When a new building is carried out or a property is acquired in a finished house, these expenses are determined:

  1. Design documents for which projects are executed and estimates are calculated
  2. Purchase of various materials for the construction of buildings and additional equipment.
  3. Acquisition of residential buildings, taking into account cases in which an unfinished apartment is acquired
  4. Implementation of works for the construction and decoration of components.
  5. Organization of a complete communication line, including the supply of light, water and gas.

Calculation of the tax deduction when buying an apartment

The amount of the tax deduction includes the following components:

  1. Acquisition of residential buildings.
  2. Purchase rights to a specific property in a house that has not yet been completed.
  3. Purchase of all necessary materials for construction.
  4. Theses are involved directly on the property that was purchased exclusively for living. This position also includes the design documentation that determines the estimate for the entire list of additional work related to the completion and completion of residential buildings.

Since the building is completed by the end of the construction work and cladding, the contract for the purchase of apartments must state that the house has not yet been completed. Other expenses that are not included in the list do not play a role in preparing the tax deduction. If you have to redevelop, buy furniture and sanitary facilities and plan all the necessary transactions, all of these citizens have to sell for personal money. When a pensioner buys an apartment, a tax deduction is only calculated automatically if he is actively working and is officially employed.

The tax deduction is not used in some situations.


Cases where the tax deduction is not taken into account:

  1. In the event that the payment for the construction or completion of housing has been made on behalf of employers or other persons, part of the amount of the maternity capital or the financing in the budget has to be paid.
  2. When the standard contract for the sale of an apartment is signed between relatives, ie dependent parties.

The exact amount of tax deduction


If the property was purchased in parts only for the property until January 1, 2014, the tax deduction will be divided equally among the owners. After that time this privilege was withdrawn. The real estate deduction is paid to each owner, depending on what part of the costs they incurred when purchasing a particular property.

If parents and their children buy accommodation, you have the right to refuse part of the tax deduction and to pay the full amount because it goes into a family. In some cases, apartments are purchased under an exchange contract against payment. In this case, the tax deduction is also distributed across all parameters, since the conclusion of this contract does not contradict the law, in particular the requirements of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

Property according to which both spouses buy marriage, their shared property is recognized, so the tax deduction is given to them without a branch. In this case, the amount will be divided by mutual agreement.

How do I get a tax deduction?


To receive a tax deduction, you must be a taxpayer and do the following:

  1. The declaration is carefully completed, guided by a single 3-NDFL form.
  2. The accounting reference to be found at the place of work is brought. It shows the amount received and retained. It is developed in a single 2-NDFL form.

When calculating a tax deduction for an apartment, the documents in the following list are prepared:

  1. Certificate of Confirmation of RegistrationOwnership rights required for the independent purchase of a pre-built house and a construction object that is currently being completed
  2. Proof of purchase of an apartment or room and the transfer of a complete apartment or part of the apartment. Appropriate certificate for registration of property. The list of documents depends on the type of transaction.
  3. If the purchase of a property takes place, If a certain building is built independently, a certificate of ownership must be presented, which only includes land acquired.

Copies of proof of payment


If a tax deduction for an apartment is taken into account, documents must be created and systematized

  1. Confirmation that the taxpayer acquired the property with personal money. To do this, you must present certain papers. These are various receipts paid for incoming orders, bank statements that confirm the transfer of money from the taxpayer’s account to the seller’s account. Cash or sales receipts; Actions that confirm the facts of the purchase of certain goods from individuals when the required information about the seller needs to be entered – that contained in the passport.
  2. Proof of good payment Loan or interest accrued when a loan contract was signed. This category also includes the home mortgage. The tax deduction is calculated according to a special plan. In this case, if there are no cash checks, these documents can be special statements, as well as certificates from the organization that was involved in the lending that all the required interest was paid. If you buy an apartment, the tax deduction documents (or their presence) ensure the complete composition.

Documents for the purchase of a co-owned apartment


If co-owned housing is purchased, you must provide the following documents:

  1. A copy of the marriage certificate.
  2. A written agreement whereby each party is entitled to a portion of the tax deduction that corresponds to the funds consumed or was transferred by personal agreement.

Property tax deduction for an apartment when applying to an employer


Contact the employer, the tax can be deducted before the end of the tax period, but you must first confirm the right to receive this privilege with the tax authority. To implement such an event, the taxpayer must:

  1. Write a special application. A tax deduction for an apartment can only be requested after it has been deposited. It specifies the right to deduct tax based on the facts listed.
  2. You must prepare copies of all documents in full, without which tax deduction for an apartment is not possible.
  3. At the tax authority, at the place of permanent registration, submit a correctly and carefully filled application with a pre-prepared and systematic package of the required documents. All papers must be in excellent condition so that you can easily get a tax deduction for an apartment.
  4. After one month for permission from the tax authority to get the full amount of tax deduction. This is the case if all the rules are followed and the person has provided a complete package of documents, otherwise, the process of education and tax deduction can be complicated and delayed.

To get a property tax deduction, you need to collect a full package of documents and be sure to contact the tax authority. The amount will only be provided if all conditions for the purchase of the property and the application have been met. Then a fairly large amount of money awaits a person or group of people.

Things you need to know about consumer credit

Do you want to realize your projects from everyday life, such as the purchase of a car or a computer? But you do not have the necessary financial resources? Just like 6.2 million Belgians, you can opt for a consumer credit. Before you do this, you need to know everything about this form of financing!


1. A credit for the consumer

1. A credit for the consumer

Consumer credit is granted to consumers who purchase products or services for non-professional purposes. To be able to apply for a consumer credit, you must, among other things, be an adult, stay in Belgium and not be on the blacklist of the Central Individual Credit Register.


2. There are different types of consumer credit

consumer credit

There are 4 types of consumer credit, each adapted to different needs. We distinguish:

  • The installment loan: this is an installment loan that allows you to finance all or part of your project. This loan must be paid off periodically (usually monthly) and with fixed amounts.
  • The installment purchase: this is a credit contract that is specifically offered when you purchase a specific product or service that you periodically (usually monthly) repay.
  • The lease or lease purchase: a lease contract for a good that allows you to purchase it at the end of this period, at a predetermined price.
  • The credit opening: this is a credit contract that gives you access to a cash reserve. This type of contract is often linked to a credit card. There may also be a cash credit or facility (your bank account may show a negative balance).

As you can see, some types of credit are better suited to financing your project than others. For example, the financing of your project is different. For example, the financing of your wedding or your studies is not the same as the purchase of your new car or the financing of a long journey.


3. Consumers enjoy important rights

3. Consumers enjoy important rights

Consumer credit is strongly framed by the Consumer Credit Act. There are rights and obligations that you must respect. The lenders must also respect some rules for concluding the contract: they must give you clear and need information about your commitment and they have an obligation to advise (they may even advise you not to take out a loan if your financial situation does not allow this )). When you sign your contract for a consumer credit, you have 14 days, from the signature, to cancel the contract. This applies to all consumer credit, other than contracts that, according to law, must be concluded by a notary (unless he gives you this right). To exercise this right of cancellation, you must send a registered letter to your lender within the predetermined period.

For more information about your rights with a loan, you can consult our article about: What are your rights with a loan?


4. There is no “right to credit”

The bank agent has no legal obligation to grant you a consumer credit. Before he will grant you this type of credit, he must check whether you are not included in the blacklist of the Central Individual Credit Register. He must also check whether you have the necessary means to repay this credit and at the same time fulfill the financial obligations for your family. If the bank agent thinks you do not have the necessary financial resources, he can refuse you this loan. That is why it is important to have a stable financial situation before you apply for a loan.


5. Consumer credit is the most commonly used form of credit in Belgium

5. Consumer credit is the most commonly used form of credit in Belgium

The various forms of consumer credit appear to be popular in Belgium. According to the figures from the Best Bank in August 2016, there were more than 8.3 million consumer loans, compared to 3 million mortgage loans.

This can be explained by the fact that consumer credit is a daily life loan that allows you to manage your budget in a flexible way. This loan also ensures that you do not have to exceed your budget and that you can finance immediately. But this type of credit must be used in a smart way so as not to end up in a debt spiral.

You now know the 5 important aspects of consumer credit. If you want a loan to finance your projects, you can use our comparison tool to find what you need!

Stricter rules for consumer credit

From 1 April 2015, a series of stricter rules for granting credit to consumers come into effect. The new rules must ensure better consumer protection and impose stricter conditions on credit intermediaries.

After all, 352,000 people in Belgium are struggling with loan repayments and the main reason is that it has been far too easy to get a consumer credit to finance purchases that in many cases are actually too expensive for the loans. data subject.

The new rules are a consequence of the entry into force of Book VII of the Code of Economic Law, which replaces the current laws on consumer credit, mortgage credit, payment services, the basic banking service and the law on the Central Individual Credit Register.


More difficult to obtain consumer credit

consumer credit

From 1 April, anyone who already has more than 1,000 dollars in arrears in paying off loans will in principle no longer be able to get a new loan. Anyone who is registered as a defaulter for less than 1000 dollars may still receive a consumer credit, but the lender will then have to justify this explicitly.

To make government control of this possible, lenders or credit brokers (for example, a seller who offers a purchase on credit) must submit a questionnaire to the consumer when applying for a credit. It contains a number of specific questions about, among other things, the purpose of the credit, income, dependents and current financial commitments.

From now on it is, moreover, the lender, and no longer the consumer, who must prove that he has asked the consumer the necessary questions and has carefully checked whether the consumer is able to pay off the credit.


Restriction of advertising for consumer credit

consumer credit

All forms of promotions, discounts or promotions linked to taking out a loan are prohibited. Giving a discount on a certain product because a credit is entered into for the payment of that product is therefore no longer permitted.

In addition, the message “Please note, borrowing money also costs money” must now be included in every credit advertisement.

In addition, the rules concerning the unsolicited sending of a credit offer are being tightened. For example, it is forbidden to offer unsolicited door-to-door consumer credit, to send an unsolicited offer of credit by post or e-mail or in any other way, to set up a point of sale for credit agreements in public places or stations (there is provided an exception for salons or fairs).

The result is that from now on, only if the consumer explicitly asks for it, a lender or seller may make a credit offer.


Authorization requirement for credit intermediaries

credit intermediaries

Until now, there were hardly any conditions attached to admission to the profession of lender or broker. From now on, however, anyone wishing to grant credit will have to apply for a license with clear requirements (comparable to insurance broker requirements), mainly in the area of ​​professional knowledge. The financial regulator FSMA will explicitly monitor this.

Strict checks and mystery shopping by the Economic Inspectorate

When detecting breaches of the new rules, the officials of the FPS Economy Economic Inspectorate have the authority to present themselves as potential customers and as mystery shoppers to check whether the rules are followed by lenders and sellers.

Quick loan – Definition, guides, articles about quick loans

When you are looking for interesting texts on a topic such as Quick Loan, you certainly want guides and interesting information that can really help you get a loan quickly.

A quick loan is a very popular topic, but most articles only encourage you to take out loans without answering the most popular questions and dispelling doubts about repayments.

Encourage you to take out loans 


It is completely different from us – we want to provide you with access to current knowledge about quick loans so that you can consciously and responsibly take advantage of the loan offer.

We are experienced financial experts and we have been operating in the credit brokerage sector for many years, which is why we know what borrowers pay attention to and what questions they ask the most.

In our articles, we cover the most current topics, such as online loans for debtors or consolidation loans without creditworthiness. In each text, we bring our readers a lot of interesting issues and also suggest what to look for when taking a quick loan. We are aware that a quick loan is the last resort for many people, which is why we make every effort to ensure that our articles are substantive and filled with the knowledge that can be used in practice immediately.

We hope that our articles will be inspiring for you and we encourage you to leave comments below the texts. In this way, we can find out which issues need to be developed and add supplementary statements, and our readers can participate in the discussion and ask additional questions to the articles.

We are experienced loan brokers, which is why, apart from theoretical knowledge, we can also offer practical help. If you want to take advantage of our advice tailored directly to your problem, please contact us by phone, email or via the online application. You can ask us about everything related to quick loans – both borrowing and repayment.

Fast online loan


Quick loans offered by non-bank institutions are becoming increasingly popular. This is due to a simplified procedure when applying for and verifying a customer, as well as smaller requirements that are so high in banks that some are not able to meet them. A second, equally important advantage of quick non-bank loans is usually a shorter waiting time for granted.

What is the first loan for free?


Non-bank financial institutions specialize in granting payday loans, i.e. quick loans as proof. They borrow them on their own terms, and in principle, anyone who submits an appropriate application and meets the minimum amount of formalities can receive small amounts. These loans are very easy to get and you get them quickly, which is why it is not surprising that they use them.

60-day loan – the most important information


Payday loans are a specific type of loan that has its own rules. The name is also not accidental, because this type of loan is granted for relatively low amounts and for short periods, i.e. for a short time.

Loans are usually granted for 30 days and a maximum of 2 months. Before making a decision, it is worth taking a close look at the regulations and the contract 

Who can get vehicle tax credit?

Transport tax is a fairly controversial fee, which causes discontent among citizens. It has to pay all car owners, and the size depends on the performance of the car.

At the same time, there are citizens who are exempt from paying or can receive significant discounts. The powers to carry taxes are determined by regional authorities, as this fee is carried over to the local budget. Therefore, every person should clarify the possibility of such a relief in the administration of their region.

Legal regulation


The tax must be paid by all drivers, is a regional collection, so all of its characteristics, size, order of payment and the fixed remuneration are regulated by regional authorities.

Chapter 28 of the Tax Code is fully devoted to this tax, and there are several articles here. Art. 356-363 states the maximum amount of this tax and the time in which it should be transferred to the taxpayer.

Tax breaks can only be viewed in local regions. You can indicate that pensioners, large families, the disabled, the poor or other categories of citizens are indulging.

For example, there is a Special Law No. 33 in the capital, which was passed in 2008. On this basis, some citizens have the opportunity to benefit.

Who will not pay transportation tax in 2018?

Who will not pay transportation tax in 2018?

To say exactly who does not pay for it, the collection is simply impossible because it has to take into account the region in which a citizen lives, which population group he belongs to and which laws and laws have been passed in this area of ​​the Federation.

Tax exemptions are granted in most regions:

  • Veterans and disabled veterans;
  • to the heroes of the USSR and the Russian Federation;
  • People with the order of glory, and the degree doesn’t matter;
  • War veterans;
  • People with disabilities who were injured during hostilities;
  • People with disabilities of the first or second group;
  • Retirees, i.e. men should be over 60 and women must be over 55, but retirees working in the Far North have the option to use these benefits in advance.
  • people affected by radiation;
  • large families, but at the same time privilege is granted only to one of the parents;
  • a guardian or parent of a disabled child.

So many citizens can get an exemption from transportation tax. Benefits for large families, pensioners and people with disabilities are only allocated on the basis of certain requirements since the power of the car must not exceed 100 liters. c. If there is a machine whose output is higher than this value, the tax is only paid from this surplus.

Offers benefits

If a person has the right to a transportation tax refund, they should know some important features. This includes:

  • If a person has several cars, the privilege is only assigned to one car.
  • The second WE are taxed according to the general procedure. Therefore, it will not work even if there are several reasons not to pay the tax in full.
  • All owners of cars whose output does not exceed 70 liters are exempt from tax. s. and information about each vehicle can be found directly in the Holy Registration Information.
  • No additional fee is required for people who have officially hijacked the car, but for this, it is necessary to obtain a certificate from the police that an investigation into the location of the car is being carried out

So answering every person, the question of whether he has tax breaks should apply to local government officials to clarify the possibility of exemption.

Which documents are required?

Which documents are required?

If, after studying the regional files, a citizen realizes that they can exercise their right to be accepted or exempted from this collection, they must prepare certain documents. Tax benefits for the transport tax are only granted by the AGVS office at the citizen’s place of residence. Bring documents to this facility:

  • a passport and a copy of all pages containing information about the citizen;
  • TIN;
  • Title on the car;
  • Sv-in on the statement of the car in the account;
  • Confirmation of a person’s fitness for leniency, and if the pension benefits are booked for transportation tax, you will need a pension certificate, but people with disabilities bring a certificate from a medical facility.

Each group of beneficiaries should prepare their own unique documents. If it claims to have a large family, it must have an appropriate date and it will be issued for a year. It is therefore important to ensure that the document is valid so that no transport tax is paid. Benefits for veterans are allocated if they have the appropriate certificate.

When is the fee paid?

Benefits can not only be fully provided an exemption from paying this tax, but also the possibility of using discounts that can reach 50%. In this case, this allowance is already taken into account in the documents.

Receipts must arrive before December 1st, and after reporting it is necessary to transfer funds to the budget by that time. If funds are not received on time, this is the basis for imposing a substantial fine and penalty.

If no notification is received before November, the taxpayer must ensure that they receive the document for which they must contact the AGVS office.

Thus, transportation tax rebates are granted by many citizens who take into account their status, marital status, and financial condition. It is up to the people themselves to prepare them, prepare the required number of documents and prepare the application. The privileges are granted for a limited time. Therefore, they should be renewed regularly, collecting the necessary papers to confirm certain reasons for a state exemption.